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No Sweating Sulphate Board


Product Brief Introduction


Magnesium sulphate board  is new type of MgO board.The main raw material is MgO and sulphate.

It is characterized by waterproof,fireproof and not deformation .
Fireproof magnesium sulphate board will never have the phenomenon of halogen for MgCl is replaced by sulphate. 

Specification of Mgo Sulfate Board 

(1) Thickness ranging from 3-12mm
Standard size 1200*2400mm/1220*2440mm
(3) Max width 1220mm, Max length 2440mm

(4) Edge can be square, tapered, beveled and grooved

(5) Color: white

Mgo Sulfate Board Technical Data

ItemTest StandardResults
DensityASTM C 1185900~1300 Kgs/m³
Water ContentASTM C 1186≤ 10%
Water AbsorptionASTM C 1186≤ 20%
Bending StrengthASTM E 330≥ 15MPa
Thermal ConductivityASTM D696-080.216W/(mk)
Dry Shrinking RateASTM C 1185≤ 0.20%
Moisture Movement        ASTM C 1186≤ 0.20%
Impact StrengthASTM D 5628≥ 4KJ/㎡
Modulus of ElasticityASTM C 947              6045N/m㎡
Sound InsulationASTM D327342 db reduction with 100mm wall
(10mm Mgo board+80mm rock wool+10mm Mgo board)
No SweatingASTM C 1186No water drop at the bottom
Frost ResistanceASTM D327325 times circulations later, no delimitations and chaps
Non CombustibleASTM E 136Grade A
ToxicityU-Pitt ProtocolNone
RecyclableASTM C666Yes
Surface & Color
Consistently smooth,Sandy Peach, Slate Gray
Surface Alkaline
Ph 10~12

Application of Mgo Sulfate Board

They can be ideally used in such places as :office, school, residential house(living room, kitchen),bank,airport, station, hospital, workshop, large shopping malls, exhibition center, KTV, cinema, restaurant, public places,large and small sized auditorium,vehicles and ships etc.    


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