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Acoustic Perforated Mgo Ceiling

OCM acoustic perforated mgo ceiling is manufactured with light-weight magnesium oxide board having
undergone a unique coating process.
It is sound-absorbing, fireproof, moisture proof, heat insulated and low refraction. 

OCM has four basic pass perforated ceiling:Circulate holes,Square holes,Micro-holes and Cross holes.
Circular Hole: 6mm 8mm 12mm 15mm Hole
Square Hole: 10*10mm, 5*5mm, Square Hole

Cross-Hole: 6/10mm Cross-Hole

Different Holes for Acoustic Ceiling


1) Resist sink
2) Fire prevention
3) Damp proof
4) No dust
5) Durable in use
6) Do not include the asbestos

Technical data for Acoustic Perforated Mgo Ceiling
AttributeSound absorption,moistureproof,waterproof,decoration
Hole typeRound,Aquare,Hexagonal,Ellipse and Irregular
Noise Reduction coefficient(NRC)   0.6 Grade 2 GB
Fireproof RatingGrade A1 GB
Dampness preventionOur board will be in stable performance,free from expansion 
Absorbing water rate15% (JC688-1998)
Bending strength15Mpa (GB/T7019-1997) 
Fireproof characteristicNon combustible (GB8624-1997) 
Thermal resistance1.14m2k/w (GB/T13475-92)
Radioactivity: (GB6763-2000)Not limited by the scope of application
Safe100% Non asbestos and formaldehyde
Thickness6 mm,8mm,9mm,10mm
Main materialMgo board as basic board and Nonwoven fabrics backside


Resist moisture – Changing rooms / Showers

Reduce Noise – Offices
Aid Hygiene (anti-microbial coating) – Hospitals / Food Prep Areas / Surgeries
Insulate – Improve insulation and reduce heating costs
Fire – Fireproof ceilings to meet regulations
Acoustic Areas – One huge benefit in installing a suspended ceiling is its ability to absorb sounds. 

We now supply and fit technology advanced tiles that help control the sound in a room

Application for Acoustic Mgo Ceiling


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