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Waterproof Magnesium Oxide Board


OCM® Board is a newly developed type of incombustible inorganic wallboard on the basis of the traditional magnesium oxide board.

It is manufactured from 100% mineral components and recycled then becomes REAL
healthy decorative material.

No sweating
No corrosion
No Organic indigents
No oils
No toxic ingredients
No heavy metal salts
No asbestos
No formaldehyde
Performance for mgo board

Waterproof   with special water resistance chemical in the formula
Fireproof     High purity Magnesia and Platinum fiber glass mesh used
High strength surface  smooth and prevent scratch surface 
No sweating and No corrosion  100% without chloride
Health wall    raw materials from minerals, ion release automatically


Specification of Magnesium Oxide Board

(1) Thickness ranging from 3mmto 15mm
(2) Standard size 1200*2400mm/1220*2440mm,1200*2700mm,1200*3000mm
Max width 1220mm, Max length 3660mm

(4) Backside: Textile

(5) Color: white,grey,green.
(6) Edge can be square, tapered, beveled and grooved



Technical dates of Magnesium Oxide Board
 Density (Specific Mass)  ~1000 Kg/m3 (+/-<2%)
 Compressive Strength  ~20 MPa (3,000 PSI)
 Impact Resistance  >6 KJ/m2
 Tensile Strength   >5.5 MPa
 Moisture Absorption   ~26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
 Moisture Content   ~6%
 Water Vapour Diffusion   ~28 / 35
 Specific Heat  ~930 J/KgK
 Thermal Conductivity   ~0.44 W/mK
 Modulus of elasticity   ~6045 N/mm2
 Flexibility UNI E 12372   ~20.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm x 1220 x2440=10 N/mm2
 Surface Alkalinity   ~10 Ph
Thermal Expansion Hot / Cold 0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20°C to -20°C)
Expansion in Water less than < 0.02% from ambient to saturation
Freeze / Thaw - UNI EN 520 100 cycles without notable effects
Combustibility / Fire Ratings non-combustible / 12mm exceeds 1 hr fire rating
Dimensional tolerance thick 0.2mm / width 2mm / length 3mm / Sq. 3mm
Toxicity Pollutants Heavy Metals - UNI EN 12457-2 Below measurable levels of test instruments
Sound Attenuation (9mm) tested design ASTM E90 = STC 48, 50, 55, & 60
Color Slate Grey and Chalk White
Surface texture smooth one side; uniform machine textured back

+ Partition board

+ Interior & exterior wall panel

+ Ceiling board

+ Flooring

+ Lining of fireproof board

+ Core of fireproof door

+ Prefabricated houses




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