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After years of quality and practical application improvement, OCM board is developed by magnesium oxide (MgO).
It is a type of MgO board, but it is much better than the general MgO board. No sweat or material corrosion.
OCM board is made of high-purity activated magnesium oxide, perlite, high-strength glass fiber mesh, non-woven fabric and circulating water, and then becomes a truly healthy material.
The following benefits will undoubtedly show you why you should use OCM Materials for construction and live in a stronger and safer house, where you can really enjoy the long-term energy saving effect and have a quieter and warmer environment.

 OCM board is more "environmentally friendly" than traditional drywall and fiber cement. It is the most environmentally friendly wood board in the 21st century.


Attributes OCM MGO Board Calcium Silicate Board    
Fiber Cement Board
Advantage of OCM MGO Board
Density 900~1300 Kg/m³ 1300 Kg/m³ 2700 Kg/m³ Light weight for comparable strength.Stronger and more rigid.
Surface & Color Smooth
Off-White Grayish Smooth surface and ready to receive paint.
Thermal Conductivity 0.216W/mk 0.35W/mk 0.22W/mk Energy efficient. Good heat refraction property.
Bending Strength 15 N/m㎡ 29 N/m㎡ 12 N/m㎡ Stronger and more Flexible
Modulus of Elasticity 6045N/m㎡ 6000 N/m㎡ 5500 N/m㎡ More rigid
Stability of thickness/swelling after 24 hours in water 0.20%(maximum of seven days in water) 0.78% 1.80 Cement Board-Malaysia 0.70% Vero brand-Portugal Moisture resistant, lower swelling rate&don't degrade in water
Dry Shrinkage (Heating & Cooling) <0.08% <0.90% <0.17% Greater dimensional stabilities expansion and construction. Resistance to cracking.
Surface Alkaline Ph 10~12 Ph 13 Ph 11~13 Relatively lower alkaline.
Moisture Content 10% 10% 12% Relatively lower moisture content.
Fire Resistant &Combustibility Rate Class 1(Non-combustible)           Not Available                        Not Rated             Not Available                              Not Rated Non-combustible. Fire resistant.

  3 hours of fire resistance. Like a "fireman" on the wall.

It exceeds the test criteria presented in ASTM E136 and is classified as non-combustible.
6MM = Classification A
12MM = Classification A
OCM MGO board® exceeds the test criteria presented in ASTM E84 and is
classified non-flammable.

 100% mineral based and completely Non toxic and no off gassing

this natural mineral can resist fire, mold, mildew, and insects better than the harsh chemicals found in other boards.
 Reasonable Moisture Resistant makes your wall can breathe

OCM MGO board Moisture absorption
According to ASTM C1185-08(2012)
It makes people feel comfortable and healthy to live a breathable environment.
It Will absorb very little water, and will breathe it out without losing any structural integrity.


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