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  • What is glass magnesium plate?

    OCM plate is a new type of non combustible inorganic wallboard improved on the basis of the traditional Magnesium Oxide board, and its performance is far superior to the ordinary Magnesium Oxide board in all aspects.
  • Composition of glass magnesium plate

    Magnesium Oxide, magnesium chloride, glass fiber cloth, perlite and other raw materials as the main raw material, through the special production process
  • Are there dangerous components in glass magnesium plates?

    OCM is a new type of environmental protection decorative material made of 100% mineral and reclaimed water. Product features:

    I don't get damp - no corrosion - Free - oil - free non-toxic organic ingredients

    The heavy metal salt - non asbestos - free formaldehyde

  • OCM how to achieve a negative carbon economy model?

    The magnesium plate absorbs carbon dioxide in the air, which is called carbonation. As time goes on, the carbon dioxide emissions in the air can be effectively controlled. This is tantamount to a negative carbon economy model.
  • What are the conventional information on OCM?

    The conventional dimensions of the OCM board are 1220*2440mm, 1200*2700mm, 1200*3000mm, and thickness from 3mm to 20mm.

    The color is usually beige, and other colors can be obtained by adjusting recipes.

  • Which side of the OCM board is fireproof?

    The fire test is carried out on the smooth surface of the sheet.
  • How about the adhesion on the surface of OCM?

    The surface energy spray paint, wallpaper, stone, tile and other treatment of OCM's board. The excellent adhesive property of glass magnesium plate, the structural insulation board (SIPS) was derived, and the exterior wall insulation system and indoor partition system were formed.

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