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CE Certificate Hight Density Fireproof Sulfate Sanded Mgo Board

Sanded Mgo board surface is by sanded treatment, which made it smoother and flatter, the thickness is more accurate.
We can provide UV sealing process for better adhesive fusion. 
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Substrate Sanded Mgso4 Board  
It made from magnesium oxide (Mgo), magnesium sulfate (Mgso4), bamboo filler and reinforced by fiber glass mesh.

Sanded Mgo board surface is by sanded treatment, which made it smoother and flatter, the thickness is more accurate.

It has the characteristics of A1 class fire rated, price flatness, dimension stable and environmental protection, specialized used as the core or underlay material of composite Board and flooring.

We can provide UV sealing process for better adhesive fusion.
Substrate Sanded Mgso4 Board
Basic Compounds  
(MgO)+(Mgso4s)+(glass fibre)+(Bamboo fibre)
8 ft(2440mm) Customized
4 ft(1220mm) Customized
4 5 6 8 10mm if other requested
Substrate for decorative board.
Grey and White
Surface texture  
One sanded or two sanded. One polish.
Combustibility / Fire Ratings  
non-combustible / A1
Moisture content  
Bending Strength  
Impact Strength  
> 9kJ/m2
Modulus of elasticity  
Dry Shrinkage  
Wet Expansion Rate  
Thermal Conductivity  
~0.44 W / mK
Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold  
0,01 mm/mC (from temp +20C to -20C)
Surface Alkalinity  
8-10 Ph
Asbestos Analysis  
Absent - not measurable
Formaldehyde Analysis  
Absent - not measurable
TVOC-ASTM D5116-10  
Below measurable levels of test instruments
Surface /Internal bonding strength  
Chloride ion content-ASTMC 871-11  
Core for Composite flooring, Substrate for decorative board, Furniture base /substrate board.  

Our History

• 2012-2013  
OCM began to produce and export chlorine free mgoboard 300 containers of Algerian military project. All boards apply on
steel frames.  

• 2014  
OCM was supplied to Spain and Italy Market with good reputation.  

• 2015  
OCM began to export chlorine free mgoboard to Chile and Colombia.  

• 2016-2017  
OCM entered to the Korean market and participate in government affordable housing projects in local and Southeast Asian countries, all using MgSO4 board in smart prefabricated system.  

• 2018-2019  
OCM focuses on researching and producing high level sanded mgso4 board and obtained a full set of test reports and
certificates for the Australian and New Zealand markets.  

• 2021  
OCM exported to Famous US company and approved by ICC audit factory  
We have our own laboratory, 5 Professional R&D Staffs.which can carry out raw material evaluation, micro chemical reaction detection and physical performance evaluation. We research and design different density, strength, water absorption, combined structure of panel, flexural performance, nail holding force and fire resistance, and provide complete test reports.  
Our factory has three production lines to make different grades of boards to meet the different application. The latest high automation equipment can produce high-Level products such as sanding board, shear wall and load-bearing subfloor. New equipment and facilities include automatic feeding and mixing system, plate forming process system, plate automatic demoulding system, sanded line and UV coating line. With an annual output of 2.1 million plates and about 3000 containers.  
Loading capacity in 20'ft CNT
3mm x 1220 x 2440
2200pieces,8 wooden pallets
6mm x 1220 x 2440
1100 pieces,8 wooden pallets
8mm x 1220 x 2440
824 pieces,8 wooden pallets
9mm x 1220 x 2440
732 pieces,8 wooden pallets
10mm x 1220 x 2440
660 pieces,8 wooden pallets
12mm x 1220 x 2440
550 pieces,8 wooden pallets
15mm x 1220 x 2440
440 pieces,8 wooden pallets
16mm x 1220 x 2440
412 pieces,8 wooden pallets
18mm x 1220 x 2440
364 pieces,8 wooden pallets
19mm x 1220 x 2440
348 pieces,8 wooden pallets
20mm x 1220 x 2440
328 pieces,8 wooden pallets
25mm x 1220 x 2440
264 pieces,8 wooden pallets

1.What is OCM® mgo board made of? What is the chloride content?

All mgo board consists of 3 elements, magnesium oxide, salt and crystal water.
The main component of OCM® Mgo board is MgO which is completely non-flammable and can be used for fire protection.
There are mainly two different types of salt:
- Magnesium oxychloride hydrated /Mgcl2 (steel corrosion risk)
-Magnesium oxysulfate hydrate/Mgso4(OCM mgo board)
OCM® MgO Board is a chloride-free Mgoso4 board. It uses magnesium sulfate instead of magnesium chloride.magnesium sulfate makes MgSo4 panels incredibly waterproof by preventing moisture from absorbing back into the halogens in the board.

According to The China Magnesium Oxide Board Industry Association issued a new standard of magnesia board industry, dissolvable (free) chloride ion content is below 5%, Content of Chloride is below 10%.
OCM mgso4 board Chloride content is below 0.012%, with reference to ASTM C871-11
you don't have to worry about "crying boards" when you use OCM® MgO Board on steel or metal frame.  

2. Is OCM® Mgo board waterproof?

OCM® Mgo board is considered to be moisture resistant, but during prolonged exposure, moisture can affect it and it will
experience hydrothermal expansion. When used outdoors, Mgo board should be covered or coated to protect it from the environments, we can do waterproofing before leaving the factory, such as adding waterproofing elements or sealing with UV paint.  

3.What is the difference between OCM® mgo board and other mgo boards?

-OCM is new generation chloride free mgo board. Thickness 3-30mm.Max size 1220*3050mm.
-We are ICC Audit factory, Controlled from Raw materials to finished products are strictly inspected.
-OCM mgo has outstanding physical performance
.Standard strength 6mm> 20-35 Mpa, 12mm > 15– 20Mpa,18mm≥20-25Mpa.
.Minimum low water absorption rate<8-10%
. Chloride Content ≤0.012%
. Fire resistance up to 270mins.  

4. Is OCM® Mgo Board safe product?

Yes. OCM® Mgo board is safer than many comparable building products. It is a mineral based product made with non-toxic ingredients. (See our test report of Asbestos content, TOVC) It is completely recyclable and resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and allergens. It is also free of carcinogens and silicas.  

5.What dimensions are commonly used to define OCM® Mgo Boards?

OCM® Mgo Boards are sold in 4 × 8 ft,4x9 ft,4x10ft sheets other small size can customized and in multiple thickness from 3mm to 30mm.  

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