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Click Type External Fiber Cement Cladding

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1. Product introduction

OCM tongue and groove cladding panels are used for exterior wall hanging panels.

Basically, it is an innovative exterior wall decorative hanging board that has been deeply processed by sanding, chamfering or painting. 

Its unique tongue-and-groove connection and clamp-fixed installation method can easily achieve the wall groove effect, providing more innovative styles for building facade decoration.

OCM tongue-and-groove Cladding boards are available in two surface textures: wood grain and flat sanded, with various sizes and easy installation.

2. Specification

Specification for External cement cladding

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In addition to providing plain boards, OCM tongue-and-groove hanging boards also provide surface coating services of acrylic paint and real stone paint for brushed flat boards. Three-dimensional wood grain is still provided.

There are two effects: single-color coating and two-color imitation solid wood coating. Please consult the sales staff for specific colors.

Size: The tongue-and-groove exterior wall hanging panels can provide a variety of size options according to the building facade design effect. If you choose a large size, the OCM exterior wall hanging panels can effectively control the cutting.

Cutting loss is reduced, and comprehensive costs such as labor and auxiliary materials are reduced.

3. Application scope

1) non-load-bearing wall structure wall decoration;

2) Wall decoration in schools, hospitals, airports, stations, and other public buildings;

3) Wall decoration of industrial buildings such as industrial plants and logistics centers;

4) Steel structure and wooden structure villas, old house renovation, and new residential wall decoration;

5) Wall decoration of underground buildings such as subways, underground passages, underground parking lots;

6) indoor cultural wall and other wall decorations.


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