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Green Building Material Waterproof Magnesium Panel MGO Subfloor Board

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It made from magnesium oxide (Mgo), magnesium sulfate (Myso4), bamboo filler and reinforced by fiber glass mesh.

Based on the latest advancement in cement and fiber-reinforcement technology, Mgo Subloor board is a kind of super high quality Mgo board with most strong. It is mainly used to replace tradi-tional plywood or fiber cement board, as the subfloor or underlayment for the Light steel or Timber framing structure buildings. It offers EXTREME STRENGTH and that is LIGHT WEIGHT and COST EFFECTIVE.

It has the functions of fire, water, mould, sound and heat insulation. Tongue and Groove, Ship-Lap edges available.

Size (mm)
Weight (kg/pc)
Bending Strength Application
16 600*2700 28.5
bending strength>20Mpa
19 600*2700 34 Floor
16 1200*2400 51 Floor
18 1200*2400 57 Floor
20 1220*2440 65.5 Floor
Other sizes could be customized.


1. Excellent Fireproof Performance It is non-combustible and A1 class fire rating, and makes no contribution to the spreading or growing of fire and smoke.

2. Environmental Friendly And Safe For People It is made of natural mineral substances without any dangerous and toxic chemicals, and is free of asbestos, ammonia, silica, benzene, formaldehyde.

3. Water Resistant It is impervious when it is wet, and is still structural and dimensionally stable.

4. Mildew And Mold Resistant It does not rot and mold, nor does it feed mildew.

5. Termite And Insect Resistant Its inorganic property makes it strong against termites and insects.

6. Easy Installation It contains no carcinogenic dust, fly ash, and other toxins, which makes it very safe to work with. Besides, it is light weight and easy to transport, which makes it quick and easy to install. Although it can be easily and cleanly snapped, cutting them with carbide saws and shaping with routers can produce even better results.

7. Works Well With Almost Anything Its excellent adhesion values make it highly versatile in terms of other materials it can work with.

8. Durable Compared to most construction materials, it comes out superior in terms of strength and durability.


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