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High Strength Fireproof HPL Compact Board for Interior Walls

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OCM is a professional manufacturer for fireproof high pressure laminates (HPL) products.



OCM HPL Compact Board is made of decorative confetti impregnated with melamine resin, and multi-layer black or brown kraft
paper impregnated phenolic resin, all pressed with steel plate through high temperature (150 ° C) and high pressure (1430 psi) environment, thickness from 1.6mm It can be made up to 25mm.

There are a variety of color and surface finishing choices. It is a new environmentally friendly material that is resistant to acid, alkali, fire, moisture and collision.

Product Advantage

1. Anti-impact

2. Wear resistance

3. Non-toxic, non-polluting

4. Waterproof, mildew proof

5. Chemical resistance

6. Heat resistant, resistant to smoke

7. Anti-static, no radiation

8. Antibacterial, easy to clean, UV resistant

9. Rich surface treatment and various colors

Product Series: Solid Color, Wood Grain, Leather Grain, Matte, Marble,

Stone Pattern, Glossy, Metal Grain etc.

Certificates: according to ISO9001 standard


ApplicationsInterior & Exterior wall,Toilet Partition, Locker, Furniture, Hospital, Laboratory Table Top, Testing Center, Medicine Working Table, Food Service Working 

High Strength Fireproof HPL Compact Board for Interior Walls

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