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What Is Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Board?

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Bamboo Fiber Charcoal Board is a green decorative board.It is made of natural wood powder and bamboo powder as raw material and extruded at high temperature.To increase the strength and hardness of the product, and can be used in various types of wall protection.

Bamboo Charcoal Board can be customized according to your preferences to achieve different decoration styles, to meet your requirements

Bamboo Charcoal Veneer Living RoomCharcoal Bamboo Wood Veneer

Bamboo Charcoal Wood Veneer is made of natural bamboo powder, wood powder, lightweight calcium carbonate, polymer resin (PVC) as raw material, supplemented by flame retardant, waterproofing agent, stabilizer, paraffin wax, etc. Mixed into a new type of composite materials, through the high-temperature production of extrusion molding, molding, laminating, and other processing technology manufacturing.

Bamboo powder, the first major raw material of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panels, mainly made of natural fiber - bamboo fiber, with good breathability, instant water absorption, flexibility and other characteristics, as well as natural antibacterial, anti-insect, mite, anti-odor and anti-ultraviolet function.

Wood powder, the second major raw material of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panels, wood powder is also a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly raw materials, with warmth, insulation, resistance to strong acids and alkalis, water resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics

Light calcium carbonate, also known as calcium powder, stone powder, has good water absorption and anti-insect effect, can enhance the hardness of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panels.

Resin, i.e. PVC, used for bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel surface lamination, using PUR hot melt adhesive, high temperature stamping, and the plate is tightly bonded, does not fade, does not yellow, does not fall off.

Flame retardant, stabilizer, paraffin wax and other auxiliary materials, so that the bamboo wood fiber wall panels have fireproof and waterproof performance, the board is easy to clean, anti-deformation, durable.

Product name Bamboo Fiber Charcoal Board
Usage Interior And Exterior Wall Decoration
Size 1200*2400/2800/2900/3000MM
Thickness 5MM/8MM
Advantage Fireproof/Waterproof/Anti-scratch
Application Hotels, Villas, Bars, Cafes, etc
Product Brand OCM
Flame- retardant Level Class B
Color Can Customized Colors
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China


The conventional thickness of bamboo wood fiber board is divided into 5 mm and 8 mm.

  • 5MM:The thickness of 5MM needs to be primed before going on the wall and is suitable for curved shapes.

  • 8MM:The thickness of 8MM eliminates the need for a base plate and allows for direct mounting on the wall as well as for curved shapes.

Materials:Bamboo wood fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber

Bamboo Charcoal Board has two different base materials: bamboo wood fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber. In terms of appearance, the base material of bamboo wood fiber is yellow and the base material of bamboo charcoal fiber is black.

  • Bamboo wood fiber:As you can see from the picture, the left is bamboo wood fiber, its substrate color is yellow, its raw material is bamboo powder and wood powder, its raw material purity is higher than bamboo charcoal fiber.

  • Bamboo charcoal fiber:As you can see from the picture, the substrate on the right is bamboo charcoal fiber, the substrate of bamboo charcoal fiber is black, it is the upgraded model of bamboo wood fiber, which adds carbon powder on the basis of bamboo wood fiber, and the active carbon powder can remove formaldehyde. It also adds two layers of high-density co-extruded diamond layer on the basis of bamboo wood fiber board, which can improve the hardness of the board.

Bamboo Charcoal Wood Veneer WallWall Boards Bamboo

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