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What Is PU Stone Made Of?

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Pu Stone Wall Panel is Polyurethane, which is a kind of polymer material.The high-density polyurethane material through a special aluminum mold foam production, the surface of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, fireproof, waterproof and other functions of the processing of a new type of wall decorative panels, is polyurethane artificial stone.

From the raw materials, pu stone is more like a cross-border new materials, will be familiar with the material used to restore the real stone decoration materials, with the "fake to the real" ability, PU stone in foreign countries are widely used.

polyurethane artificial stone

Performance characteristics

The realistic imitation stone finish Polyurethane Stone Panel has the following 7 characteristics:

  1. Environmentally friendly: Due to the properties of the raw material, and the synthesis of PU stone does not add too much artificial material.

  2. Fast: can be used indoors on almost any dry flat substrate, direct installation time and the time period required for the entire project, far less than the installation time of traditional cultural stone products.

  3. Mushroom Stone Wall PanelLightweight: due to the use of high-tech materials made of lightweight, do not need the collaboration of other machinery, can be completed by a single person to install.

  4. Durable: the product is composed of high polymer material and sprayed with multi-layer high-strength coatings, which makes it acid-resistant, sun-proof, UV-resistant and more durable to use.

  5. Easy to install: the product is designed with internal card structure, seamless splicing. Most of the work does not require pre-buried joints, can be directly with screws and gun nails to complete the installation.

  6. Real appearance: product molds according to the real stone fine grinding and become, coupled with a special process, so that the appearance of the product is realistic and delicate, and real stone is not the same.

  7. Multi-functionality:It has passed the professional waterproof, insect-proof, flame retardant and windproof test, and can be applied to almost any flat substrate indoors, basement and outdoors.


Pu Faux Stone Panels can be used not only for outdoor building facades, but also in many indoor applications, such as: wall decorations, columns, backdrops, siding, bar finishes and so on.

Polyurethane Stone PanelPu Stone Wall Panel

PU stone wall panel not only has an outstanding appearance, but is also waterproof, fireproof and weatherproof, making our homes safer and more durable. Its lightweight properties make installation quick and easy without adding excessive weight. Whether it is to create a cozy home living environment or to add a unique charm to a commercial space, PU stone veneer can be our ideal choice.

Mushroom Stone Wall Panel in the installation must not be neat and tidy to spell out the effect will look a little fake, Pu stone skin can be cut arbitrarily, you can draw on the real stone layout map can also let the designer layout in the wall, so that the effect will be more realistic and good-looking.

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