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What is the function of the sanded mgo board?

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Where can sanded mgo boards be used in the kitchen? Today we will answer this question for you. In response to this problem, we should know that the sanded mgo board in the kitchen is high temperature resistant, flame retardant, sound insulating, shockproof, insect proof, waterproof and moisture proof, light weight, corrosion resistant, odorless and pollution free. Direct painting, direct paste tile. The surface has good colorability, high strength, bending strength, good toughness, can be nailed, sawn and glued, and is easy to decorate. It can also be combined with various thermal insulation materials to form thermal insulation composite panels.

  • What applications are there for sanded mgo boards in the kitchen?

  • What are the relevant parameters of the sanded mgo board?

  • Where is the safety of sanded mgo boards reflected?

sanded mgo board

What applications are there for sanded mgo boards in the kitchen?

Grinded mgo board can be used as wall panel, ceiling, kitchen magnesium crystal glass magnesium board, waterproof board, packaging box etc. used in the kitchen. Grinded mgo panels can be used as a substitute for plywood for wall cladding, window sills, door cladding, furniture and other interior furnishing items. In addition, we should understand that it can also be used as a mixed paint and clear lacquer as required, and can be processed into different types of plate surfaces. At the same time, it can be used in projects in humid environments such as cellars, civil air protection and mines.

In addition, we should understand the use of the ground mgo board in the kitchen: the ground mgo board in the kitchen can be done by sawing, planing, nailing, etc. projects are processed or transformed into the structure of various decorative elements.

What are the relevant parameters of the sanded mgo board?

1. Size: Since the sanded mgo board is a multi-material composite panel, the width of the handmade panel is 600-1184mm (not standard), and the length is arbitrary, however, it is recommended to be less than 8m.

2. Thickness: The conventional thickness is 50 mm and can also be made in 75 mm and 100 mm according to the actual needs of customers.

3. Fire protection: Sanded mgo board is a non-flammable A1 class product according to ASTM E-136 standard, and the fire resistance limit is more than 2 hours.

Where is the safety of sanded mgo boards reflected?

Grinded mgo board has a high quality fire protection performance. It's not a gas board. It can ensure the highest fire protection effect. It has a high quality decoration background wall system and the fire protection time is guaranteed for more than 3 hours. When the fire is ignited, it can digest a lot of energy from it, the long-term delay effect and the increase of the near operating temperature. It is the raw material with the best fire protection performance in construction engineering and building decoration materials.

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