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What is the use value of sanded mgo board?

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Sanded mgo board has good fire resistance, is environmentally friendly and tasteless, and has good compressive strength including moisture resistance.

  • What is the use value of sanded mgo board?

  • How to choose the right sanded mgo board?

  • What are the production steps of sanded mgo board?

sanded mgo board

What is the use value of sanded mgo board?

Economy: Sanded mgo board can be used in a wide range and can replace some wood boards. It is light in weight and fast in construction. It can save 20-30% of material costs and labor costs. Making aluminum-plastic board linings can save 50% of material costs. It is really high quality. environmentally friendly decorative materials.

Practicality: Sanded mgo board can be nailed, planed, sawed, bent, tiled, used as lining board, bottom plate, easy to install water and electricity settings, making the wall more beautiful and durable.

How to choose the right sanded mgo board?

1. Thickness tolerance:

Any sanded mgo board will have a thickness tolerance, but it has different requirements for use in different environments. Generally, cement boards and sanding boards are more accurate and have fewer tolerances, but the cost is relatively high. Customers can make reasonable choices according to different market needs.

2. Health and environmental protection:

Health is the most important thing. Compared with health, everything is insignificant. All building materials and decorative materials must not contain carcinogenic substances such as asbestos.

In 1998, the World Health Organization reiterated the carcinogenic effects of asbestos, especially the risk of causing lung cancer and skin cancer, and continued to call for the use of alternatives to avoid permanent harm to the human body due to improper use of various materials.

3. Appearance:

The appearance and packaging of the sanded mgo board are more important for sales. The beautiful appearance is quite attractive to the general customers. It directly affects the image of the product, because most customers are not professionals and do not understand the internal structure of the product. Only Judging the quality of the product directly from the appearance.

What are the production steps of sanded mgo board?

1. Sanded mgo board is prepared for the preparation of materials: according to the needs of the ingredients, the proportion of raw materials is carried out. The main raw materials are magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, perlite and vermiculite, non-woven fabrics, sawdust, water, etc. Then, the mixing and stirring of the raw material paddles are carried out in the mixer. The mixers are vertical, horizontal, gravity or double-shaft, and different mixers are selected according to different needs.

2. Sanded mgo board molding process: use the molding machine to select non-woven fabrics and bottom pulp to make molding, and some methods include two or more layers of glass fiber cloth surface pulp, medium pulp and so on. The molding machine extrudes the glass magnesium plate of the required specification, and the length is preliminarily cut. Then carry out oxygen protection and dehalogenation treatment.

3. Sanded mgo board trimming and leaving factory: finally, trimming and beautifying treatment, cutting is the key to ensure the appearance size. The product should be inspected before leaving the factory.

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