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How to buy fire resistant wall panels

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Fire resistant wall panels are not essential decoration materials.However, some areas are essential materials, especially in some fire disaster.If we use ordinary materials for decoration, it is secure enough.So, fireproof board is popular in construction area.Since it is so important to our life, what should we care when we buy it?

Fire resistant board is a first-class new composite materials which is also known as high-pressure decorative refractory board or thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated board, is decorated with refractory building materials, rich surface color.As well as special physical properties. Fire board can be used in many places home furnishings, such as table, furniture, surface, staircase, etc., just the fire board and sheet metal paste can be closely together.

Fire board characteristics; fire just fire board unilateral performance, fire board also has some other high-quality features. After the protection of polyamide and phenolic resin, high temperature and high pressure after pressing, it also has a general decorative panels catch up with the characteristics: wear, impact resistance, heat, acid and alkali, smoke burning, fire, Mildew and antistatic. Many of the devastating behavior that may occur in the room, the fire board has a strong tolerance.

Fireproof board appearance of many colors, imitation wood, imitation stone, metal finishes, etc., which can show the appearance of the effect is indeed very diverse. Different appearance of the fire board for the use of places are also different.

Fire board misunderstanding: fire is not afraid of fire; some consumers believe that cabinets and other paste after the fire board, the foolproof, timely fire is not afraid of fire. In fact, this is a common misunderstanding about the fire board. Fire board is actually a refractory board, with a certain fire resistance, that is, with a fire barbecue for some time before the chemical reaction is carbonated.


Through the introduction of the above, I believe we have a certain understanding of the fireproof board specifications.If you need to buy fireproof construction material, welcome to contact us directly.

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