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Fireboard vs Drywall: What's the Difference?

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When build your home ,Most people usually think about using standard drywall but fireboard has certain properties which could be hugely 

beneficial to the protection and insulation of your home.


Fireboard (Fire Retardant Mgo Board)

Fireboard is a specialized product which has a magnesium core and contains glass fibers and other non-combustible materials. The fibers act as reinforcement to keep the board from disintegrating as quickly as regular drywall. This combination makes for a solid barrier against the possibilities of fire. It is highly fire-resistant and when installed in the walls of your home, it can prevent a fire from spreading quickly from one room to another.



Drywall is the normally preferred method of interior walls and it offers a certain amount of insulation and protection. However, it is not as fire resistant as fireboard. Drywall is made from gypsum and acts well as a passive fire protection material. The gypsum in drywall contains water crystallizations in the form of hydrates. When drywall is exposed to heat or fire, the water is vaporized and therefore it retards heat. It will contain a fire in another room until the drywall water crystals have completely dissipated and dried out. This is when drywall becomes vulnerable to fire.

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