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OSB eps sandwich board

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Product Introduction

 OCM OSB EPS SIP is a composite building material,It consists of a sandwich of two layers of Oriented strand board(OSB) with an insulating foam Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) in between.


Advantages of our OSB EPS SIP board 

1.High rigidity: resistance to distortion, splitting and delamination  and keeps excellent nail and screw holding ability.

2.Easy to work: special structure,stable in dimensions and easy for processing. 

Readily sawn,drilled,planed,routed and sanded. May be nailed,stapled or screwed close to the edge without splitting. Simple to glue ,paint and stain.

3.Flaw-free: no knotholes, core voids or points of weakness.

4.No fumigation: widely used in export package.

5.Low level of swelling in water, moisture and waterproof .


Applications of our OSB EPS SIP board 

1) Partition
2) External wall
3) Roof
4) Movable house
5) Container House

More information please call us on +86-15162322239 .Also available on what’s app and WECHAT, or send email to Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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