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High Strength Structural Load Bearing Flooring


1.High Strength Structural Load Bearing Flooring Brief Introduction

Magnesium oxide flooring is manufactured by using special craft through totally automatic product line.
It is high strength magnesium oxide board. It also can be compounded with HPL Laminated fireproof board, it has more high strength and fireproofing property.

2. Magnesium Oxide Flooring Specification

*Thickness: 3mm-25mm
*Standard size: 1200*2400mm; 1200*2700mm,1200*3000mm
*The Max length is 3660mm and the max width is 1220mm
*other sizes can be cut as per requirements.
*Surface treatment: Slurry, Non-slurry and Laminated.
*Backside treatment: Texture and sanded
*Edge: Square/Tapered/Beveled

High Strength Structural Load Bearing Flooring

Magnesium Oxide Flooring Technical Data

Compressive Strength~20 MPa (3, 000 PSI)
Impact Resistance> 6 kJ/m2
Tensile Strength> 5 MPa
Density (Specific Mass)~1100 Kg/m3 (+/-< 2%)
Moisture Absorption~26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
Moisture Content~6%
Water Vapor  Diffusion~28 / 35
Specific Heat~930 J/kgK
Thermal Conductivity~0.44 W / mK
Modulus of elasticity~6045 N/mm2
Flexibility UNI E 12372~20.1 N/mm2 maximum
12mm x 1220 x 2440 = 10 N/mm2
Surface Alkalinity~10 Ph
Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold0, 01 mm/mC (from temp +20C to -20C)
Expansion in Waterless than < 0.02% from ambient to saturation
Freeze / Thaw - UNI EN 520100 cycles without notable effects
Frost Resistanceno water drops form on surface
Combustibility / Fire Ratingsnon-combustible / 12mm exceeds 1 hr fire rating
Dimensional tolerancethick 0.2mm / width 2mm / length 3mm / Sq. 3mm
Toxicity Pollutants Heavy Metals - UNI EN 12457-2Below measurable levels of test instruments
Asbestos AnalysisAbsent - not measurable
Formaldehyde AnalysisAbsent - not measurable
Sound Attenuation (9mm)tested design ASTM E90 = STC 48, 50, 55, & 60
Surface texturesmooth one side; uniform machine textured back
Basic Compounds(MgO)+(natural silicates)+(glass fibre)+(wood fibre)

Magnesium Oxide Flooring Application


The flexibility of our flooring is ideal for many applications including residential, industrial shops and warehouses, Ready to Move buildings and trailers, hotels, factories, aircraft hangars and apartments.

High Strength Structural Loading Bearing FlooringHigh Strength Structural Loading Bearing Flooring

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