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FCB Sandwich Panel


What’s Sandwich panels/SIPs

Structural Insulated Panel ,also called Mgo SIP and Mgo Sandwich board.It consists of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulation foam in between. Panel skins are magnesium oxide boards. Insulation core can be Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) and Extruded Polystyrene(XPS) and so on.These are structural sheaths that can be finished like drywall on the interior, and covered with siding materials or have stucco applied directly to the exterior of the panel. 

Panel Skins options include
Magnesium Board, Fiber cement board and OSB .

Insulation Core options include
Expanded Polystyrene(EPS),Extruded Polystyrene(XPS).

Panel Specification

Standard sizes are 4*8’ 4*9’ 4*10’ in various thickness.

Other Specification could be customized according to customer’s requirement.

Connection can be Tongue & Groove, Camlock, two or four sides closed.

FCB Sandwich Panel - Buy FCB Sandwich Panel, Perfabricated house panel, container house panel Product on Oriental Construction Meterial Industry Co.,Ltd.

OCM®  have design and technical department can design SIP special for you. Just let us know you ideal and we can do the rest.
>>Please contact eith OCM salse for get connection solution

Technical Data for OCM SIPs
Volume weightKg/m3750-800
Anti-bending damage loadTimes≥4.0≥4.0≥3.0≥3.0
Anti-pressure strengthMpa≥3.5
Anti-impact performanceTimes≥5.0
Soften coefficient
Moisture content%≤6≤8
Drying shrinkage valuemm/m     ≤0.6
Single-point hanging strengthN≥1000
Heat-transfer coefficientW/(m2.k)/2.953.0213.215
Combustion performance     GradeA
Fire resistanceH≥4.5≥4.0≥2.5≥1.0
Sound insulationDb≥47≥42≥40≥35
RadiationA (First Class, no limit of production & distribution )
Conservation of Environment                            100% free of asbestos

Sandwich Panel Application

The flexibility of our building system is ideal for many applications including residential, industrial shops and warehouses, Ready to Move buildings and trailers, hotels, factories, aircraft hangars and apartments. 

Sandwich Panel Main Characteristic

1. Fireproof, Grade-A
2. Light weight and easy to install
3. Moisture-proof
4. Sound insulation
5. Environmental, 100% no asbestos

The benefits below will show you without a doubt why you should build with a OCM® Structural Insulated Panel System 
and live in a stronger and safer home where you can truly enjoy long term energy savings, with quieter and warmer surroundings.
Key Benefits

1. Simplicity – 1 assembly process, replaces 8 separate processes in one step. Saving you time and stress.

2. Stronger – Independently tested to withstand severe earthquakes and cyclonic winds.

3. Water Resistant – Will absorb very little water, and will breathe it out without losing any structural integrity

4. Impact Resistant – You will struggle to put anything through this panel. Trust us we have tried

5. Comfort & Efficiency – Better quality insulation for both heat and sound so you can save up to 40% on power and heating bills.

6. Fire Rated – Fire resistant with Zero Flame spread, Zero Smoke spread.

7. Quicker – Build time is significantly quicker, saving you labour costs.

8. Greener – Less harmful on the environment to produce.

9. Mould & Insect Proof, plus its Hypoallergenic – No toxic materials used; Neutral to allergies; doesn’t attract or harbor mould or bacteria, so insects aren’t interested.


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